Project 2 REDO


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You all asked so here we go…


If you want another crack at聽Project 2 Editorial Illustration, you may resubmit to DROPBOX until 12/20/2016. 聽DO NOT resubmit if your final is not complete and REALLY WELL DONE… its more important that you do a great job on the final.

Also PLEASE DO NOT resubmit if it is not BETTER than the first attempt. 聽You will get a lower grade than you started with. 馃檪


In this assignment we were asked to create an editorial illustration based on the current presidential election, that would convey a message of voter participation amongst students. I began to brainstorm certain issues that were affected by the coming election, as well as ways that i might tie them into the perspective of going to vote. I considered student debt as a primary concern for the target audience. However the issue that spoke the most to me was the apathy amongst many young voters towards the election this year. Many people feel as if voting is pointless because the candidates this year offer no true alternative or opportunity for change or progress on many of the issues concerning them. So instead i decided to work off that feeling, illustrating hillary and trump as two different candidates, in the same seat of power which i expressed as a military tank, doing the same war mongering life devaluating shit thats been going for the past 200 years and then some. The slogan, Perpetuate the death and misery of the developing world, at the hands of your own elected war monger nov 8th.

process1process2 process3 process4getoutandvote

Jingyi- Project 2

My headline is “your vote your voice”. General process took me about 3 hours to finish. I did the sketch in illustrator, and edit the text in indesign. Our group chose to use “futura” as the typeface, so the聽font I used is futura condensed. The most challenging part for me is聽to use聽pen tool of illustrator. I couldn’t control curve lines well, so I was spend much of time on that. Fortunately聽聽the final art work does came out as I expect, and I like the combination of the blue background and white text.

Assignment 2

So for this project we had to make a Vote Poster. To have more people vote for the election. So what i wanted to do, for my poster I decided to go with kinda of an Attack On Titan style, but also using the 2016 election in it. 聽The reason i chose this because of what he said, that he wanted to make a huge wall around Mexico, and have Mexica pay for it. SO thats where my idea came up from to do this. Since i thought it would be a funny idea to do. So just like in the posters for Attack on Titan, i decided to make Donald Trump the titan behind the wall. With also the wall being the mexican border. SO i did that by making the word Vote the mexican flag colors. SO to keep the same attack on titan feel, i decided to still have the wall, smoke and even the cracks in the wall with it. To make it still seem kinda the same, but with a different feel. I also decided to make his hands really tiny, since people always say he has tiny hands.


Get Out the Vote Poster

For my piece, I wanted to incorporate the same concepts from this 聽poster into mine.

Get Out the Vote: Bomb

I used both red and blue, allowing room for contrast and also to symbolize聽democrats and republicans in some way. I used hand drawn type, the New Century typeface specifically, and made a fusion of the earth being a bomb. The reason why i chose a bomb was because with all of the global and international crisis going on today, it was very hard to choose just one.

Assignment Two

Hello Class!

  • You are designing a poster as part of AIGA鈥榮 Get Out the Vote Use the power of design & illustration to motivate the American public to register and turn out to vote in the 2016 general election, as well as local elections to come.
  • The strongest posters will be featured in the student gallery as part of an exhibition of original, nonpartisan posters created for printing and public distribution.
  • Poster Designs can be general calls to Get out the Vote, or can reflect One Specific Issue or Speak to a Specific Demographic and its importance in this election year.
  • Posters will be 11 x 17 vertical and will be completed using a limited palate. Black, White and 2 other colors only.

Look at AIGA鈥檚 Get out the Vote Poster Design Campaign. Look at some of the entries.聽 Choose one entry that you feel is effective and innovative.聽 Explain why in a short blog post in our Open Lab discussion page