Working method


I would like to do both traditionally and digitally. I would like to do the concept sketches traditional. Since i feel like i should use my skills for that traditional. While i want to do the fina and character designs digitally. I want to do it digitally because i think it would look nicer in digital. While i also want to do digital because i feel like that’s my stronger point. Also i want to work in that digital because what i want to be after i finish college is be a game designer. Since they always work in digital, i want to work on my skills more digital. So i could get better at, so when the time comes, i could get the job i want.






Assignment 2

So for this project we had to make a Vote Poster. To have more people vote for the election. So what i wanted to do, for my poster I decided to go with kinda of an Attack On Titan style, but also using the 2016 election in it.  The reason i chose this because of what he said, that he wanted to make a huge wall around Mexico, and have Mexica pay for it. SO thats where my idea came up from to do this. Since i thought it would be a funny idea to do. So just like in the posters for Attack on Titan, i decided to make Donald Trump the titan behind the wall. With also the wall being the mexican border. SO i did that by making the word Vote the mexican flag colors. SO to keep the same attack on titan feel, i decided to still have the wall, smoke and even the cracks in the wall with it. To make it still seem kinda the same, but with a different feel. I also decided to make his hands really tiny, since people always say he has tiny hands.