Working method

My working method is traditional, (watercolor paint, ink and color pencils ) I do work in digital but for this work聽,it is better to do tradition since i feel better with it that other media . First I will draw it in pencil聽,then ink the outline . After that, I use watercolor paint for the rest and last I use color pencil for the skin and color to pop out . But I also want to get better in both traditional and digital



Proposed working method (Jingyi)

By comparing the actual photography with my drawing, I realized that I now have a better understanding of the perspective of the ratio of the human body. Some details cannot be accurately illustrated through imagination alone. Sometimes to get accurate impression, one must consult an actual image for certain details.

I would like to use the combination of traditional and digital art making for my work. For my work process, I would like to do my concept sketches traditionally on my sketch book. After that I will move the rough sketch to photoshop and work on it digitally to make adjustment and modifications. Then I will proceed the coloring job via photoshop as well.

The tutorial video that chose is about two point perspective. I chose this video because in relation to my first paragraph, this video is focuses on technique, I think this is important due to technique is something that can be gained through learning. Unlike technique, a grasp on the interpretation of details, cannot be learned but mastered through years of practice.

Concept Sketches Revised:

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Proposal: The fish who cried human

A young fish named Gillian who miss judged humans and blames them for killing all the fish. The supposed human is wearing all black on a surf board. Gillian goes back to the city Ratnakara “the creator of jewels” and, informed the other fish about this scary situation. Turns out when they further investigated, but in the end the fish realized the human turns out to be a seal that looks like a human. The king of Ratnakara which is the blue ants to banish Gillian away from the city for good for giving everybody a scare.





Thumbnails and Pitch: The Wendigo

Pitch: “The Wendigo” is a horror narrative aimed at a mature audience. It details the events of a college girl, and her group of friends as they search for the mysterious Wendigo creature to complete their final project for “Intro to the Occult” class. This story presents a situation of experiencing true despair in the face of innocent ignorance, as the group suffers a terrible fate for their desire to seek out the unknown without a care in the world.


20161115_103553 20161115_103610 20161115_103616 20161115_103630

Pitch + Thumbnails


Final six thumbnails

top 3: killing the Beast

bottom 3: Beauty as Beast’s slave

20161115_010759 20161115_010822 20161115_010808

The Beauty and the Beast is a horror fantasy story set up in ancient Rome. After Beauty had being taken hostage in the Beast’s castle do to a mistake her father had committed. Being treated as a slave Beauty plots Beast’s death.