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Hercules is a young intelligent sorcerer and leader of the order of light. He also has a wife, also another member of the order of light with 2 kids. A  vengeful spirit from the grave possess his body and he steals the souls of his family. In consequence, he is stripped of his power and exiled from the order. His father zeus appears to him as a spirit guide and leads him to the 12 artifacts to get his powers back so he can prove his innocence and assume leadership of the order.

field assignment 2

Classic picture of a classic man by London Ladd. I felt a sense of ancestry and relief that he was not forgotten in the history books because he seemingly isn’t recognized nearly as often as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Rosa Parks. He played a key part in the abolition of slaves as a social reformer, abolitionist, speaker and a writer. Also a vice president. glad he isn’t forgotten


field trip assignment

Some girls are born to lead by Leuyen Pham represents a period as to when a girl is in a genre or career dominated by men can also have the ability to match them in skill in said subject,if not surpassed them. in this photo it even seems she does it in style also. seeing that the girl in front is the only one in bright color, while all the other men are in achromatic color. The sight of this gives me a great feeling of progression in society today, i also find it quite humorous.