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vampires then vs now

Vampires  back then were scarier. Now we look at twilight and even being human and we find that vampires have gotten less scary. I think this has something to do with the disney effect. The disney effect being that things have to be less gore and more pretty. Because we’ve been brainwashed into not wanting to see ugly or scary things.

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Blog post 9

The book that I would like to write about is the Twilight series. The Gothic them is Vampires/ undead. what I would like to write bout how human characteristics become magnified when they become vampires.  I haven’t really come up with a social issue yet so if anyone wants to help ill gladly take ideas.

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Blog 9 Essay 3

For essay 3 I will be using the movie “Where The Wild Things Are” based of the book by Maurice Sendak. The gothic metaphor I will be using is monsters, and the social issue I will be relating to is: depression among children. My goal is to intertwine the difference between the book, the movie, and as well as other adaptations throughout the years.

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is the novel I will choose to do for my third essay. Frankenstein is a classic novel, one of the oldest gothic novel that still exist today. Victor Frankenstein is the main character, victor is a scientist in the novel who wants to do m ore that just a simple scientist he wanted to created life, and in an experiment he created a monster “Frankenstein”.  The so call monster Frankenstein was a monster made up body parts of others dead humans. He was a creation to prove a man can also create life. The monster was extremely ugly which for people rejected him’ these rejections, discrimination got to mix feelings making Frankenstein “the monster” a murder a killer. He just wanted affections and to be loved but since he didn’t receive it made him angrily, and a killer just willing for revenge. Frankstein didn’t ask to be created , therefore why treateing him and looking him Disgusting and with rejections.

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Blog Post # 9

What I’m choosing for my essay three topic is the show on AMC, The Walking Dead. In the show I can talk about the zombies being undead, the idea of madness because as the show progresses people who are important dies and in effect people starts to lose there sanity over the death of their loved ones. Also the show has a video game thats very similar to the show that I’ll like to add in additional information, topics and quotations.

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Frankenstien by Mary Shelly

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is the Novel I will choose to do my third essay.  Frankenstein is one of the oldest stories that still exist today; most people know it as the big green monster that attack people. But Frankenstein has more then just a monster walking about inflicting terror in everything that sees it. Frankenstein was a monster mad up of body parts of other dead humans. He was a creation to prove that man can also create life.  When Frankenstein came to life the ones who made it rejected it. It was extremely ugly, but it was made up of body parts of humans. This makes me think that it wasn’t Frankenstein who was ugly but instead it was what it was made up of that made him ugly. The people who were rejecting Frankenstein were not rejecting the monster but rejecting themselves

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Blog 9

The movie I chose for essay #3 is Underworld (2003). This movie is about vampires and werewolf. Selene who is the main character, fight against werewolf. Selene herself is a vampire. The metaphor for this movie is Vampires/Hunters.

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Blog post # 9

the text i chose was dark shadows feat. Johnny depp, the gothic metaphor ive chose is vamipres, haunted house and live burial. maybe a couple other ones as well. i havent really chose a social issue that is refers to but it will come to me soon.

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1)  “I have to be absent for a while. Do not wait for me. D.” I set to and enjoyed a hearty meal. When I had done, I looked for a bell, so that I might let the servants know I had finished, but I could not find one.

2) The gothic metaphor is Dracula is not there in the morning time Because he is a vampire and vampires don’t like the morning time

3) A social issue would be that people  who would use other people and they are not there when they’re supposed to be. They show up at any time they feel like showing up.

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post #9

In my 3rd essay I would like to write about a series of books and shows. Some of the books I would like to use are Twilight, The Blue Blood Series, and Vampire Kisses. As for the shows, I would like to use The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Supernatural.

Majority of my references are vampire’s life. The Blue Blood series is based on fallen angels who have descended on earth and are punished in the form of being a vampire for eternity. The Vampire  Kiss series is more of a teenage Gothic vampire love story.

The Vampire Diaries is based on Elena, a doppelganger who is fated to have many disasters throughout her life.

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