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The book that I would like to write about is the Twilight series. The Gothic them is Vampires/ undead. what I would like to write bout how human characteristics become magnified when they become vampires.  I haven’t really come up with a social issue yet so if anyone wants to help ill gladly take ideas.

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  1. Are you still writing about this or have you decided to change your topic? If you are changing, I’d like to hear about your new topic.

  2. janessa says:

    I was thinking bout writing about 50 shades of gray but I wasnt exactly sure how i would relate it to a gothic theme. I may need a little help on that. But I am really going towards 50 shades idea. I was thinking of him as Jekell and Mr. Hyde, but I really would not consider him to be really evil. Im trying to think of an idea that would be really good. I would like to talk to you about it some more on monday.

    • I think 50 Shades would work just fine for this essay. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde can be looked at as a control/lack of control dynamic, if good/evil doesn’t really work for this situation. Although we didn’t cover it in class, sadomasochism itself is a Gothic metaphor, so you don’t have to worry about the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aspect of the text unless you want to. Between now and Monday, start thinking about what social issue the text is dealing with so we can discuss your potential thesis in more detail. Can you meet with me after class?

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