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Blog 9 Essay 3

For essay 3 I will be using the movie “Where The Wild Things Are” based of the book by Maurice Sendak. The gothic metaphor I will be using is monsters, and the social issue I will be relating to is: … Continue reading

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Blog 6 Question 9

In the very beginning of the book when she (Dorothy Allison) and her class get “a substitute teacher right put of college and full of ideas”(pg7). I was extremely intrigued by these four short paragraphs. I felt it set a … Continue reading

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Question #4

I saw a similarity between “The House on Mango Street” ¬†and “Giovanni’s Room” in the exert “Linoleum Roses”. One reason why is because of the theme of flight. Sally leaves home to escape the abuse and oppression from her father. … Continue reading

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Blog 4 Question 1

I don’t believe Dean Motiarty is the main character. I believe Sal uses him as an idol that is the reason we read so much about him. Sal gets a rise out of people who live freely and enthusiastically, and … Continue reading

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Blog #1 Question #6

I seem to receive the message of homophobia ¬†simply by Baldwin’s style of writing. There is a lack of verbal admittance, what I mean by this (for lack of better words) is that the word “gay” is never even used … Continue reading

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