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Blog post # 9

the text i chose was dark shadows feat. Johnny depp, the gothic metaphor ive chose is vamipres, haunted house and live burial. maybe a couple other ones as well. i havent really chose a social issue that is refers to … Continue reading

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Blog 4 question 8

In comparison to on the road with dean and giovannis room with david is similar in a few ways seeing as how they are both either running to and from something. Dean is on the quest to somehow find his … Continue reading

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Blog 2, #8

To me i think The actual room represents or symbolizes for giovanni a place of shelter, almost like his reset place, where he would go and in his mind everything is back to normal, in some cases its like that … Continue reading

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Question 1

  Audre lorde touched on the subjects of racism and sexism when in her time just like now is still a big issue, many people would say that in the time period we live in now is better evolved from … Continue reading

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