Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is the novel I will choose to do for my third essay. Frankenstein is a classic novel, one of the oldest gothic novel that still exist today. Victor Frankenstein is the main character, victor is a scientist in the novel who wants to do m ore that just a simple scientist he wanted to created life, and in an experiment he created a monster “Frankenstein”.  The so call monster Frankenstein was a monster made up body parts of others dead humans. He was a creation to prove a man can also create life. The monster was extremely ugly which for people rejected him’ these rejections, discrimination got to mix feelings making Frankenstein “the monster” a murder a killer. He just wanted affections and to be loved but since he didn’t receive it made him angrily, and a killer just willing for revenge. Frankstein didn’t ask to be created , therefore why treateing him and looking him Disgusting and with rejections.

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  1. clema1992 says:

    This is a good choice of Gothic literature where the Gothic metaphor is straightforward ( monster/undead is Frakenstein) while the story as a whole is quite interesting, best of luckk.

  2. This text should work just fine for your essay. I’m not sure exactly what social issue you are discussing here. What social issue/anxiety does the monster represent?

  3. janessa says:

    I think this is a great book to write abot you can use multiple gothic themes. Such as Madness, undead, monsters.

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