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vampires then vs now

Vampires  back then were scarier. Now we look at twilight and even being human and we find that vampires have gotten less scary. I think this has something to do with the disney effect. The disney effect being that things … Continue reading

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Sexuality and Violence- Alison VS Dorothy

In Two or Three Things I know for sure, Alison treats violence as the inevitable outcome of sexuality. Being beautiful, being ugly, or anything of the sort- its all part of this cycle that we cant avoid. Between women and … Continue reading

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sexuality and violence.

Humans are very sexual beings. When we socialize, get to know one another and provoke the dopamine in each other’s bodies, we are being sexual. When we kiss it’s sexual. Even when we rate others, it’s sexual- despite who you’re rating. Violence … Continue reading

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The different homes represent their lack of money. It represents the instability Esperanza feels in her life. It represents her not having a true childhood, where she met the other kids and got to know them. When the nun had … Continue reading

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Question 8

Sal from On the Road is similar to David from Giovanni’s room. Through the course of both books, I find they both come to admire and want to be like people that are nothing like their own person. They both … Continue reading

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Question 1

Dean seems to be very important to the narrator- he even gets to a point where he compares dean to a long lost brother. He feels that they are very different- but that’s why he admires Dean. Dean is more … Continue reading

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Question # 6 —

With certain characters, like Jaques and Giovanni, I feel that the author is trying to portray a sense of persuasion with David, trying to get him to accept his homosexuality in being a part of his identity. With the lady, … Continue reading

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Jacques Speaks to David.

Jacques is trying to warn David. He seems to sympathize with with David, and understands what he is going through, because he too went through the same thing during his youth. Jacques has made it clear to David that his greatest regret … Continue reading

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