Question 8

Sal from On the Road is similar to David from Giovanni’s room. Through the course of both books, I find they both come to admire and want to be like people that are nothing like their own person. They both want to get outside the hand of cards that life had dealt them. It was for different reasons of course, but in end they both admired in others what they didn’t have themselves.
Sal likes Dean’s recklessness and can be found trying imitate said trait. I feel that though he does some things he can’t really count it as having done it because at the end of the day, it’s similar to putting someone in an RPG during which the person knows he can stop playing at anytime. David admires Giovanni. When they first met, David felt that Giovanni was free in a way he couldn’t be. He doesn’t really ever learn to accept himself, but he seems to envy Giovanni the fact that he can. He also envies in the sailor his masculinity, while he tends to put his own into question.

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  1. Great point, Lynn! I agree that David admires Giovanni at first, but he certainly doesn’t want to be like him in the end. As you read the end of On the Road, you should see if Sal’s admiration for Dean shifts in a similar way.

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