Question 1

Dean seems to be very important to the narrator- he even gets to a point where he compares dean to a long lost brother. He feels that they are very different- but that’s why he admires Dean. Dean is more reckless than he is, but smart enough not to do much damage. He bags girls, he is charming, and he has adventures – which sal doesn’t have. He feels his life is dull- not like before when he felt it was interesting. He enjoys deans tales, and I feel as though he almost lives vicariously through Dean.

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  1. It’s interesting that you said Sal lives vicariously through Dean I never thought of it in that way but I don’t see why not.

  2. renk says:

    I agree with you that Dean are playing a important character in the story, it gives a lot of detail about Dean, but im not sure about Sal lives vicariously through Dean.

  3. i agree with you because dean is that one friend who lightens the mood, or is the guy who rallies everyone up but is sort of nice guy at heart, even though not so great to women lol

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