Essay 3 Due: Friday, 5/17 by 11:59 pm via Safe Assignments

Revisions Due:  Monday, 5/20 by 11:59 pm to my email (

Final Exam: Monday, 5/20 from 1:00-2:15

We will still meet on Wednesday, 5/22, so don’t forget to show up! 🙂


 Reading Schedule

Monday, 4/29 Essay 2 Due
Wednesday, 5/1 Dracula, Chapters 1-2
Week 15  
Monday, 5/6 “Cask of Amontillado””The Yellow Wallpaper”
Wednesday, 5/8 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, excerptBlog Post 9 Due
Week 16
Monday, 5/13 “A Rose for Emily”
Wednesday, 5/15 Essay 3 Due
Finals Week
Monday, 5/20 Revisions DueFinal Exam
Wednesday, 5/22 Conclusion


Revision Policy

You will have the opportunity to revise ONE essay in this class for a new grade. You may choose to revise either Essay 1 or Essay 2. After you receive your grade/comments, you should meet with me to discuss your revision plan. Your essay should demonstrate significant, thoughtful, and effective revision in order to receive an improved grade. All revisions (hard copies) are due in class on Wednesday, 5/15.