Frankenstien by Mary Shelly

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is the Novel I will choose to do my third essay.  Frankenstein is one of the oldest stories that still exist today; most people know it as the big green monster that attack people. But Frankenstein has more then just a monster walking about inflicting terror in everything that sees it. Frankenstein was a monster mad up of body parts of other dead humans. He was a creation to prove that man can also create life.  When Frankenstein came to life the ones who made it rejected it. It was extremely ugly, but it was made up of body parts of humans. This makes me think that it wasn’t Frankenstein who was ugly but instead it was what it was made up of that made him ugly. The people who were rejecting Frankenstein were not rejecting the monster but rejecting themselves

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  1. This sounds like an interesting start, Alex. I am looking forward to hearing more about how people are “rejecting themselves” when they reject the monster.

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