Read and React 5

One concept that was explored in class that I found interesting was learning about businesses adapting to the culture they are in to build their customer base. This topic was explored in week 2 of my “Human Resource Management” class. Recalling back, one example that was discussed in class was one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the world; the company McDonald’s. In present day McDonald’s has become globally successful due to its ability cater to different demographics worldwide.

Going in depth with the concept, this particular company is known for its experiments with their menu. The food items in American McDonald’s restaurants are not the same in other countries.  The McDonald’s corporation takes many items into consideration for its many properties around the globe.       Items include the surrounding cultures, religions, agriculture, and government restrictions. This is a primary example of McDonald’s efforts to understand their customers’ wants and needs and how they differ from country to country.

An article I have come across to support these ideas and provide more example comes from the textbook literature of “African Journal of Business Management”– Michela Addis, Giulia Miniero, & Francesco Ricotta. This articles primary topics speak of the extreme importance of the experimental marking strategy and the impact it has on creating either positive or negative brand imaging for its company. The article visited a few locations to which they conducted test and took surveys. Overall the article did find more negatives than positive results. However, this test was done in a small setting in surrounding area. Take a larger view and perception of a company such as McDonalds (with thousands of locations globally) and just as discussed in class, it was deemed as a positive image.


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