Today I finished my first day at MCNY!

My internship is hybrid so I will be going into the museum once a week and I’ve decided today I’ll be coming to work every Monday. As soon as I entered through the employee entrance I filled out a health form. After I had completed the form I was introduced to a coworker, I believe he works in security, who had to take my photo for an ID. The IDs are very interesting, they’re pretty thick and I’ll be able to simply scan and enter a code to enter the museum as well as the upper restricted areas. They also count as you clocking in and out! As I was given a tour of the offices in the upper level I was introduced to anyone who happened to be in the office today.Ā  Everyone was very welcoming and I was able to meet members in the Communications, Tech, and Finance departments.

I noticed there was not a strict dress code. Everyone was wearing clothing they felt comfortable in. However, I did see some people that dealt with transferring materials and such out or inside to the museum were wearing a shirt with the museum name on it.

Welcome packet

After the tour, I was given the option to choose a desk! Which a member of the Tech department would prepare for me and explain what apps are available, which ones are used for what, and how often. As my first task, I was told to look through my welcome packet which was basically just an introduction to the museum, what programs they have, and what applications they use to complete tasks. There was a lot of information to take in but for the most part, I got it.

Before I left for the day I asked a few questions

such as “Do you end up hiring your interns?” and “What is typically required for someone in my position?” My supervisor said she hadn’t really seen interns hired but made it apparent she has not been working at the museum for a long time. As for the requirements, it seems interns are there to help in all kinds of areas when necessary. For instance, one day I might be researching and writing and others I could be doing general PR/social media work.