Video Project Short Response

For this assignment we were required to film a video of a classmate being interviewed by ourselves. This short video, about 1 to 2 minutes long, would require a title, our name, the name of the classmate, and incorporate music at some point. Before creating this video I had very little experience with editing, aside from some experimenting for a different class. It was through this assignment I gained a good amount of knowledge of editing using the software app iMovie. For my video I had cut a good amount of video and even moved some parts of the video around to flow better. To make this cutting more visually appealing I used the transition β€œCross Blur” for the bulk of the video and β€œFade to Black” in the beginning. I noticed listening to the video there was a lot of silence and it felt slightly awkward in some moments. To lighten the atmosphere and fulfill my music requirement I decided to add music to the entire video, making it slightly louder in the beginning and the end. I gave the video the title β€œA Student Interview” adding the name of the classmate, Abigail Moran, in the next slide. For the title I deliberately arranged the type in a shape to make it look cleaner. The type I used is a clean readable sans serif font without stroke, which was the standard for the title slide. To add emphasis to certain words I decided to use the accent color aqua, which is Moran’s favorite color.