As part of the CUNY Cultural Corps program, we are required to attend events/ workshops educating us on different topics. The main focus of the workshop I attended was educating us on how to input payroll information and what sites would be used. The workshop was held through the application Zoom and it lasted about two and a half hours. Honestly, the way we have to input our hours is a little confusing and it got more confusing as fellow interns in the program, over 100, began to ask questions.

From what I understand at the moment, we would have to use RF Cuny, open the calendar, and input our expected hours for the week before we have actually worked. This would have to be input every other Tuesday and approved by our supervisors Friday. This process is different than the one used for CUNY Service Corps which I find interesting.

Ultimately, I won’t fully understand until I’ve done it a few times myself.

I saw the speakers were trying to do their best and I appreciated it. I went ahead and sent LinkedIn invites to the ones I saw spoke up many times. So far the main speaker Isa Mitchell, who is the CUNY Cultural Corps payroll administrator, has accepted my request.