A young boy Flavio and his siblings.

In Gordon Park’s photo, or rather series of photos,  “Flavio, 1961”, the audience can see a young boy and his environment. These photos are pretty graphic and personal, showing intimate moments between the boy and his family. One photo, which initially caught my attention was of the boy, Flavio, noticeably malnourished. He’s very sick himself yet he cares for most of his family.

Although some may see this as unethical as Park is taking a photo of this sick boy to be placed in a magazine, I believe Park’s made sure to take these photos to show the terrible situations some live in and hopefully save this boy’s family and others. Park had also helped the boy receive medical attention as well as raise a good amount of money for him. In this instance, I feel the “ethical” moments in the process outweigh the “unethical”