Some of Michael Fuguso’s work.

This was a How To event inΒ  Adobe MAX with instructor Micheal Fuguso.Β  I barely use illustrator and I’ve never used Aero so I thought it would be beneficial for me to attend the session. I’m really glad I got to watch it cause I learned a lot and got inspired! Fuguso was a great instructor as well very charming I almost felt as if I was talking to a friend.

In the session, Fuguso explained what would be reviewed and showed us some of his work. His work looks similar to a pop-up book achieved with layers and the program Aero. He used Illustrator to create the whole design, added extra effects in photoshop, and finally used Aero to create the ai paperbook effect. Surprisingly the ai section was very short and straightforward simply moving some things around.

Michael Fuguso’s work popping out on his Instagram.

In the end, whenever the Aero app sees an image of your illustration it will “pop-out”. I’m excited to try it out when I have time and see if it could be useful for future projects.