The National Holiday site.

I was assigned another two assignments I had just complete. One of them involved updating a press release sheet for November which would be “sent to the press”.Ā  I had to update it with the events taking place in the month of November and create some titles for pieces the press could use. I was a little confused about it although it was pretty straight forward thankfully my supervisor helped me. I appreciate when I come in person she will talk to me directly about some work.

The other assignment was to prepare their social sheet for the month of November. I would look up holidays or other important days on websites like National Holiday or through the museum’s archive of important new york dates which they label “On This Day”. After I had found an event I wrote a short description to accompany the post. I would also find an image in the MCNY archive collection to post which would have to relate to the event in some way.

I had fun looking through the images in the museum’s archive. I found a lot of interesting stuff!