MAIP information webpage.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to attend a networking event required for the class so I was becoming a bit anxious. However, today I was able to attend an information session on MAIP! Professor Goetz had been nice enough to let me know about the session the night before through email but I’m sure it was also posted on the Internship page.

I was able to meet a few alumni from the program and learn about their experiences. Before this event, I hadn’t actually heard of MAIP so I’m glad I attended to learn a bit about it. From what I gathered, the program is extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding. It was exciting to hear the alumni talk about what they learned and what opportunities they were able to get.

During the event, I made sure to write down everyone’s name in case I forgot or wasn’t able to see it and by the end, I sent everyone a LinkedIn request! I wrote them a message saying I was there during the event and I would like to connect and I believe they all accepted. They were all extremely nice going so far as to offer me advice and feedback!

I would really like to try and apply but I need to think about it for a bit to properly plan out what I want to do. I’ll be working for MCNY for 6 months and I’d also like to study abroad if possible before I graduate.

Overall I was really thankful for the event!