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Proposals KZ KE SS

  1. Tech school needs investment in to tech equipment
  2. Need to update course instructors and course programs   (adv and gam)
  3. more practical and applicable courses
  4. self defense classes in gym
  5. better accessible  WIFI
  6. Psychological and health improvement  ( Health Center)


Komron Zokhidov

Salam Seck

Kenneth Edegbe


Komron Zokhidov NYC Tech “Venmo”

Product/Service: Venmo connects a debit, credit cards directly to users accounts, which allows them to, easily  transfer money back and forth for expenses like rent, bills, etc

Founder/Co-Founders: Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail are the founder of Venmo, They are still with the company

Office/Headquarters: Venmo singleheadquarter is located in NYC 5th Floor, 95 Morton St, New York, NY 10014. But they essentially owned by Ebay

Method of Making Money:┬á Venmo’s innovative payment system peer to peer is adopted by some businesses , and Venmo charges them small percentage of transactions.

Target Customers:  Venmo is popular and frequently used by college students and young adults

How many current users/customers, etc: Google play store and Apple app store show more than 500 thousand users have downloaded Venmo app. Which puts them over 1 million users

How does the company advertise its product/services?
Venmo advertised as easy and friendly money transaction system

Competitors/Competitive Advantage: Venmo is owned by Ebay’s PayPal. Their competitors are Google wallet, Apple Pay, Popmoney, SnapCash, Square Cash.

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Komron – Cover Letter

Network Engineer job position at Bloomberg

Dear Hiring Manager:

I came across a Network Engineer position on CareerBuilder and I think you will find me right fit for this position. I have 4 years of experience working with small and enterprise size networks. I proudly can say I build Networks from day one, starting with gateways to Multi-Vlan trunking switches and clients.

I can contribute to clients who wants to start network from building the first server rack to clients who has vast networks of switches and servers. My knowledge is not limited by networking, I am also familiar with Linux,  Windows Servers, Points Of Sale, security and surveillance systems and electronics. PBX systems of different vendors such as Cisco and Avaya. I hope you find my skills and experience a fit  for this position.

Please Find my attached resume. You can contact me any time by my email or cell phone


Komron Zokhidov


Komron Mini Job Search

My interests are IT/Telecom/Network/Electrical engineering. I have been employed for 4 years in IT/Electrical Field in Amusement Company. Thought out the years I obtained trade skills as well as programming, development, system administrating, networking knowledge in tech area. My goal is to become a Professional Engineer and work in a big companies like MTA, ConEd, Google, Verizon, AT&T. I enjoy working in a team of professionals who can teach me new skills. There are situation when I have to do calculations,brainstorming and situations when I climb towers, run cables, install various equipment at my current work place. Good team work is crucial for the job time lines and safety.  I enjoy this kind of setting where brain work is combined with muscle work.


  • Employers in tech area want people with 3-4 years of work experience and Bachelor degree, any certificates are plus and can be consider as extra work experience.
  • Companies are looking for Desktop support, System Administrators, Network Engineers, IT Engineer, Installation technicians.
  • I am interested not just in a consumer electronics but in Enterprise equipment such as Network switches and Firewalls, credit card transaction servers, Telecommunication antennas, Relays stations and etc.
  • Tech markets is booming with rapid development of technology. All major Tech and Utility Companies are hiring as well as Small Firms.
  • ┬áOrganizations are looking for people who can do the job, team players, willing to explore new areas and invest time in self education
  • Communication is a key factor in any job. Tech jobs require email, phone and in person communication with staff, clients, contractors, etc
  • ┬áCity Tech provides unique theoretical and hands-on experience in Engineering field. In my opinion it prepares students better for real jobs than traditional Engineering schools. Theoretical knowledge is important but needs to be backed up with some practical skills.,can-6342,can,0&WT.mc_n=JDN000003


Komron Z

Hi there.

My name is Komron and I am from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Former Soviet State. I major in Electrical Engineering and work as Telecommunications/Electronics Specialist at Coney Island. Carrier goal is to obtain P.E license in Electrical Engineering.┬á Hobby is work and summer is work intense season so i haven’t had summer break for last 5 years. Love all kind of movies, science fiction books especially Warhammer 40k series.

My weakness in an any academic course is procrastination. I hate in class essays because all good ideas come to me after i leave the class. When i write essays at home i procrastinate till 12 AM day it dues.Technical Writing is ability properly respond on work email, job proposals, composing cover letters and resumes. I expect this class to be more practical and applicable to real world than just writing essays  301.