Komron Z

Hi there.

My name is Komron and I am from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Former Soviet State. I major in Electrical Engineering and work as Telecommunications/Electronics Specialist at Coney Island. Carrier goal is to obtain P.E license in Electrical Engineering.  Hobby is work and summer is work intense season so i haven’t had summer break for last 5 years. Love all kind of movies, science fiction books especially Warhammer 40k series.

My weakness in an any academic course is procrastination. I hate in class essays because all good ideas come to me after i leave the class. When i write essays at home i procrastinate till 12 AM day it dues.Technical Writing is ability properly respond on work email, job proposals, composing cover letters and resumes. I expect this class to be more practical and applicable to real world than just writing essays  301.



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