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JTK Resolve Group Project

Jessie Uruchima , Teresa Yeung, Wenyu Kuang


  • There are confusion between old students and new students in New Communication Design Dept.
  • Not enough advisors for students
  • Not enough options for classes/professor
  • Not enough computer equipments in the Engineering Dept.
  • There aren’t any specific place for clubs gathering.


  • Have some sort system to separate the old students and new students
  • Hire more caring faculties for advisement
  • Hire more Knowledge field experts
  • Purchase more infrastructural equipments for the Engineering Dept.
  • Have clubs to register in a system and provide them with a place for gather inside the buildings


wenyu – cover letter

Junior Front End Web Developer

Pegasus Solution – New York, NY

Dear Hiring Manager,

While I am surfing on indeed, I can feel your sincerity in hiring a web designer. It is with the same sincerity that I am writing this letter in an effort to convince you that I will be a valuable candidate for the position.

Though I have yet to have experience in the field, but everyone has to start somewhere. And, I can assure you that I did not spend all those years in college for nothing. I have accustomed to solving problem methodically where a problem can be broken down into multiple smaller sub-problems. I have accustomed to work on multiple projects simultaneously where I excel on every opportunity.

During an SEO course, some semesters ago, my team and I co-found a website called “”, and the goal is to generate traffic. Thus, we needed to keep the site update with posts. In addition to generating writings through online researches, we would also go food trucks scavenge on the weekend. We would swipe every corner of streets to find that particular food truck, And, when we found it, we would taste the food and put our honest thoughts in our posts. Though we all departed at the end of the semester, but the team efforts were worth memorable.

Furthermore, I am a web enthusiast, and the company’s website strikes me as being front-end thinking. The layout is clean. The iconography is sharp and precise. The visual transitions really enhance the user experience as I am navigating the site. And, I can feel that it all goes back to the company’s commitment to deliver advanced and affordable resources in helping hotels to succeed.

In short, I am very much excited at the chance to meet with you. And, I will embrace the opportunity to be involved in the company’s commitment. Your consideration is invaluable.


Wenyu Kuang

wenyu – job listings


About Me

I have variety of software knowledge in photo editing, creating vector graphic, and web coding/designing. My main focus as a web designer is to create functional web page and UI across variety of screen sizes. As of right now, I am looking for an entry level of web developer position. I most likely  start of looking in small to mid range web designing firms because they would provide more opportunities to grow my web designing skills and portfolio.

About Employer

Every employer from the 15 job listing ask for variety of software knowledge such as photo editing tool like photoshop, graphic editing tool like illustrator, publication tool like indesign, web coding tool like dreamweaver. Some employers offer a full-time position. Some employers are looking for part-time or freelance designer. Most of them are looking for intermediate level of designer with titles like Graphic Designer or Web/UI Developer. In addition, they are looking for people with clear organize skills in planning/layout of projects, communication with colleagues, and research/analytical skills etc. As a web student, I am tasked to complete one or multiple projects from each course. Every project comes with challenges and opportunities to grow my skills and portfolio. So the projects from the pass two semesters were most noticeable growth for me. I was able to create fully functional web sites. In addition, I am taking Design Team this semester that the projects are given from real clients with specific deadline, criteria, and needs. So it is an experience to learn to work with clients instead of creating projects for yourself. Also, I am enrolling in the Cuny Corp program that it offers real jobs.

Wenyu Kuang

Hello Class. My name is Wenyu. I have enrolled in the Communication Design curriculum for 5 years. I am major in Web Design. I didn’t naturally start my interests to become an art/design student. It was my friend who got me into studying in this curriculum. Ever since then, I have been passionate about the things I learn. Beside learning and working on web design, I have also re-started my bicycling since last summer. My experience with bicycle started way back when I was a 4th grade before I was even in New York. I rode to school everyday. In addition, I utilize my knowledge in web and build my biking weblog. The blog is not fully complete yet. There are many aspects that I need to improve. As for my career goal,  I am working for real clients in my other Design Team course which the projects are very meaningful. It could be become my opportunity to land a career in a middle web design firm.

I don’t think I have much strength in writings because It takes more procedures for me to write something down in the English language. Because of that, I can’t say I would enjoy writing. I only write when I have to. My experience with technologies begin when I first see people playing games on the PC back in the 1995. Now, the games are getting more beautiful and graphical. But I become more interest in the editing and rendering tools that goes behind them. Throughout my education and the daily use of computing, I have become familiar with photoshop, illustrator, indesgin, dream weaver, premier pro, text wrangler and much more. So for me, I would like to learn to write a resume that goes with my expertise.