Product/Service: What, in a sentence, does this company do/sell?
The company brainscape allows people to constantly improve their intelligence by being able to accelerate the learning process by having lessons on an app that they can use anywhere. Overall the company is selling knowledge to people.

Andrew Cohen is the founder and CEO of brainscape. I believe the CEO is involved in the day to day operation because of his recent blog posts on the website and latest update to the company background story. Also from an interview on Andrew Cohen explains how involved he is in all of his work.

The company brainscape is part of a larger company for entrepreneurs called AlleyNYC and has a single headquarters which is located on 500 7th Ave., New York, NY 10018.

Method of Making Money:
Brianscape makes its money from subscribers. The companies also partner with other educational apps from which they both get shares of the royalties.

Target Customers: Who are the target customers for this company?
The targeted customers are teachers and parents from which they can use their program to come up with a better more effective lesson plan to reach their students/children.

How many current users/customers, etc:
From the website brainscape has millions of customers which include students, teachers, language learners, test-takers, and corporate trainees.

How does the company advertise its product/services?
Brianscape has a blog from which they frequently update with new information on what’s coming up and what’s in the works. Brainscape is partners with many other education companies that advertise them by saying “powered by brainscape” which I think is a kind of advertising

Competitors/Competitive Advantage: What companies offer services/products that compete with your chosen company? What sets your chosen company apart from its competitors?
Lumosity, CogniFit, CogMed, and Jungle Memory are competitors to brainscape because they offer to increase their user’s knowledge and or memory. Brinscape is unique in a way that it does not provide knowledge through games. Also brianscape doesn’t improve memory either. They offer a straight forward concept of learning through which one can receive in a classroom at their own pace and anywhere they please. I believe brianscape has an advantage over these other companies because they offer a more effective way of learning and teaching rather than “play this game and you will eventually get it”.
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