Product/Service:  The Handshake website is the mothership for all your inbound sales orders. It’s where you will review and confirm orders, update your product and customer information, and assign customers to reps.

Founder/Co-Founders: Glen Coats founded the company and they are still involve in day to day operation

Office/Headquarters: The company is located at 627 Broadway, 9th Fl, New York, NY 10012. Through research I saw one office location/headquarters. I found another handshake company like “Handshake Software” but the logo is different from the handshake logo of my topic.

Method of Making Money:  The company make money through a subscription base process.

Target Customers:  The target customer for the company are industries like Bugaboo Americas, Caspari Inc, OXO, OUTTECH, and industries that rely heavily on increasing sales and marketing.

How many current users/customers, etc: Currently, they have over 33 customers and who have had a excellent experience working with them.

How does the company advertise its product/services? The company advertise its product through the use of online marketing. They promote the service through online ads, subscription services, and application service.

Competitors/Competitive Advantage: Companies that offer services/products that compete with my chosen company are Brightpearl, Carta, Onsight, Final Inventory, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Office Book, NetSuite Inventory Management, AutoMCF, OrderHarmoney, Veeqo and a few other companies. Handshake stands out from its competitors because of their system of operation and I have to say that I personally like their website. Its very interactive friendly. Their site breaks down what you need to know about them in little pieces so you know what you need to know. They have very clean feel and a very clean understanding of how they operate.

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