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Aural Topography: Staccato and Legato

Photo on 2013-09-30 at 06.41I believe I did a decent job grasping the concept of this assignment.  I feel like all of the different boxes connect the images inside of each other, as it was my goal to make the sounds seem like they’re fluctuating.  This assignment helped me to clearly understand stocato and logato, and what they might sound like.

A View From My Window

The view from my living room window consists of buildings, trees, roads and cars.  As a result, I see many straight and curved lines.  Squares, circles, rectangles, and even triangles are within my view.

The giant tree in front combines both straight lines and curved.  The cars contain both straight and curved lines as well, and have rectangular shapes.  The wheels serve as the circles I see.  Roads appear at an angle which look like triangles.  The buildings hold straight lines and are shaped like squares, rectangles, cubes, and rectangular prisms, depending on the angle you look at it at.