ADV 1100 – Graphic Design Principles 1

Description: This foundation design and color theory course explores graphic communication from idea development to final execution. Through hands-on experiments, collaborative learning, and individual projects students will learn the language and process of design thinking and gain a solid foundation in design principles and practices.

Work Samples:

Assessment: This course proved to be quite the experience for me as an artist who learned how to draw without using any professional techniques.  I learned a lot about figure ground relationships and how they affect someone’s perception of a drawing; how color and value compliment each other in a piece and alter our views; and how to paint which was a skill I desperately needed to learn.  My three favorite pieces were ‘Departure and Arrival,’ ‘Staccato and Legato,’ and ‘Illustrated Harmonious Moment.’  The ‘Staccato and Legato’ piece really helped me master the idea of figure ground relationships.  The placement of the various natural shapes either surrounded by white or black really allows you to focus on only certain parts of the piece, instead of having your eye wandering everywhere.  The ‘Departure and Arrival’ piece allowed me to understand how symmetry in a drawing along with chromatic, muted, and prismatic colors can tell a beautiful story.  In the case of the picture, the caterpillar transitioning into the cocoon was the arrival to a new life, and the butterfly signified its departure.  My last piece, the ‘Illustrated Harmonious Moment’ used various harmonious colors to bring to life a moment in my life where I felt completely one with the world, which happens to be every time I draw.  This is my favorite piece because it is very personal to me and the colors fit the “feel good” vibe I was trying to portray.  I am glad I took this course, as it will only improve my skills and knowledge as an artist!