Paired Color Identities with Simultaneous Contrast


For this group project, I teamed up with Dez to show contrast in colors that were the same using different background colors and symbols.  My symbol for Dez was a cat because they’re small and adorable but they can be quite ferocious.  I also chose a green background for her as I felt it represented her down to earth side.  We chose burgundy as a central color to represent how caring we are towards others, but have a side of us that we don’t like to show.  Using burgundy to show the halo effect was quite difficult as burgundy is such a dark color, but we found that blue and green worked well; especially green as it’s a complementary color to red.  For the cat, I see a sort of reddish halo, as that is the complementary of green.  For the bear, I see an orange tint as that is the complementary color of blue.

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