Most of my friends know that I am a gamer, and a lot of them are as well.  We play it for entertainment, and for the competitive aspect, which is why we mostly play fighting games.  What a lot of people don’t know however, is that fighting game players have formed a large community, one that is both daunting and fascinating.  Players from all around the world come together to compete in tournaments.  They come to socialize with each other while doing something they all love, and that’s playing fighting games.

I’m choosing to make my Zine about the Fighting Game Community because it is a community I’m passionate about, and one that I hope will live on for a long time.  Back in January, I attended my first fighting game tournament, which had over 3000 participants.  It was crazy being surrounded by so many good, passionate players and getting to meet celebrities in the fighting game community!  While I didn’t get far in the tournament, I think the experience was fantastic, and it’s definitely something I plan to do again.  Some people may think it’s dumb, but people of the FGC are passionate about what they do.

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