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Illustrated Harmonious Moment

IMG_1143Proportional Color Inventory

For this project, we had to make a color inventory and illustrate a harmonious moment in our life. ┬áFor the color inventory, I chose a picture of my friends and I after prom. ┬áI felt that the bright colors and the joyous feeling in the picture depicts a truly harmonious moment where everything feels good. ┬áAs for the harmonious moment in my life, I chose to draw myself drawing (mind blown!) ┬áI feel like when I draw, I really escape from any problems and just focus on making as good of a piece that I can. ┬áThat’s when I truly feel harmonious with the world. ┬áThe colors from the color inventory served well because bright colors generally give off a good vibe. ┬áThey fit into the drawing where I’m really focused and happy.

Color Harmony Palettes


This project was done to show our understanding of color harmony and hierarchy. ┬áThe first piece is an analogous palette. ┬áSince we needed some balance, I figured I’d signify that by drawing something similar to a yin yang circle. ┬áThe first color is a light green, while the second and third are darker greens. ┬áI put a muted green in the middle as it was a color ┬áin between the other two, and I think it shows a balance between the two colors. ┬áThe second piece is a gas mask because I have this strange fascination with gas masks (don’t judge me!) ┬áThis piece was meant to show shades, tints, and progression. ┬áShades are colors that go from prismatic to black. ┬áIn this piece, the violet transitions to black. ┬áTints go from prismatic to white as shown by the yellow. ┬áProgression has one color transition to its complementary color, as shown by the goggles where the violet turns into yellow.