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Departures and Arrivals


For this project, we visited a mosaic in a subway station that depicted the departure and arrival of old and new species of animals.  The piece by Ben Snead shows symmetry among the different animals by using chromatic, muted, and prismatic colors, as well as having specific placements on the wall.  Ben Snead’s work inspired me to create a piece where a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.  Similar to Ben Snead’s idea of arrival and departure, the caterpillar arrives to the middle point of its life when it in the cocoon, and departs in its final stages of life as a butterfly.  I tried to use chromatic, muted, and prismatic colors as a metaphor to show how the colors transition from desaturated to saturated, much like how the caterpillar transitions from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Value Added Digital Collage (Broad Range)

Sfontanet_value_added  This is the digital version of my broad range value collage.  The transition to photoshop was surprisingly easy, as there was no actual cutting and pasting.  I feel like I was accurately able to replicated the broad range collage.  This whole project has really opened up my eyes to value, and how much of an impact it can have on a piece.  For example, in this broad range piece, I decided to use different values to lead my audiences eyes to a certain point of the piece.  In this case, it is the sphere on the right hand side.  I feel like the light area at the top left brings the eye into the darker areas, and allows it to loop around into the sphere.  Value was also very important in pinpointing a focal point in my narrow range piece.  The dark corners looked like vignettes, which are generally used to bring focus to the middle of a piece.  The corners lead my eyes towards the shape in the center, which was my primary goal.