Kiara Wright learning and observing

On Thursday I made an observation on one child and her parent while I was at the pool with my friends. what I notice was hat the girl was learning how to swim. after a few minutes later the parent said I coming back I’m going to do a lap. But the child want to follow her and she said I will be right back and I will do it fast. when she started to swim the child watched her like she ignored everything else and only focused on her. when she came back the child said can we try to do another lap. She said yes and when I say she really tried her best I mean while they was doing the lap the child got far. Like she was swimming and didn’t notice it. The parent stop and watch and was so happy to see that she really did it. when the child stop the parent said you did it you actually swam. the child said really I didn’t notice and didn’t know that I was moving. I was so happy to witness that. That actually made my day.

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  1. This is a charming observation. Do tell some more about what you think helped this child learn to swim. It sounds like there were at least two different processes at work – one where her mother was giving her some sort of instruction and one where she was doing something herself. What is the relationship between the two? It’s interesting that the child didn’t seem to know what it was she had done, too. Why might that be, and what might the effect be of getting her to recognize what she had done?

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