observation on learning

Philippe Paul


Prof. Schutz


As living beings there are many ways for us to obtain new skills. It can either be taught to us or we simply learn it ourselves through experience. The most fundamental knowledge that we all need is the knowledge of numbers. I’ve been observing my older brother teaching his son how to count. what I noticed is my nephew would memorize the sequence of the numbers, but if you were to point at a specific number to him, and ask which number is this he wouldn’t know. That first observation let me know that my nephew still didn’t know his numbers. Upon further lessons from my brother my nephew then started to become more familiar with each number. My brother would ask my nephew to write random numbers on a sheet of paper and my nephew would get it right.

Who: Stevenson

Where: my home

When: September 7

1 thought on “observation on learning

  1. This is an interesting observation and bears a bit closer looking at. At one and the same time it demonstrates something learned and something not learned, and it would be good to say something about what the difference is. In general, learning is probably a process, which means there are different steps or phases involved, and it would be good to think about what the different phases are and how they might work. What are the different skills that you observed your brother teaching his son, for instance?

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