The PDF file below contains detailed information on how to prepare reports on your observations and discoveries about psychological phenomena in everyday life.

The section labeled Research Projects contains outlines for each of the twelve difference topics the class will be doing research on, each with some ideas as to how to go about collecting observations and evidence.

Once you have made your observations, you need to report them. Do so by clicking on the + sign icon in the task menu bar above the website. You will have to mark each observation you post for two ‘categories’:

First for the Topic you are reporting on

Second for the Group you are part of.

Please note that the website will not accept uncategorized postings and to get full credit for your posting you must provide both categorizations. Remember that all Groups that achieve postings from every Group member get double the points, but I will not be able to make such awards unless I know which Group you belong to!

Do have some fun with these projects. I look forward to reading them and of course we will be actively sharing them in class to give our class discussions solid grounding in real life.

1101-D808 IP Project Coaching for Making Observations (00) INTRODUCTION revised 2016-08-29