Learning Observation – Amanda Martinez

When: September 9-11

Who: My little brother

During our last class session we learned about different learning methods. I’ve tested two of these methods while helping my little brother complete and learn his homework.

My little brother is 6 years old so he is very easily distracted. One day while helping him complete his homework I told him if he got majority of his reading questions right I will reward him with ice cream. He immediately sat up with excitement and did what I asked.

The next day I told my little brother if he got majority of his questions wrong then I would take away his iPad. My little brother had a confused and concerned look on his face. As he tried to read he kept thinking about the punishment I mentioned and kept losing his focus. He began to cry but still continued doing his work. Over all the positive reinforcement method had a greater learning experience than the negative punishment method.

Gustavo Diaz observation on learning

This past weekend my friends decided that they wanted to start playing the video game¬†Destiny¬†again, so that they could complete the “King’s Fall Raid”. The “King’s Fall Raid” is one of the most frustrating and time consuming challenges I’ve ever faced in a video game. The challenge lies in the fact that you need six people¬†to complete the raid and each one¬†those people¬†most be able to follow instructions and be quick learners/thinkers because they are all equally important.¬†As one of the only people to have completed the raid before i¬†had to teach 5 other clueless people how to get through each section of this long difficult raid. It took a lot of social learning for my group of friends to start being successful and progressing. I first explained what each one of them had to do in each part and then i showed each one of them by doing it myself. If one of my friends understood¬†before the others i would tell them to help me demonstrate each step by imitating everything that¬†i did. There was a lot of failing and questionable quick thinking decisions¬†but i got to observe a group of people go from being clueless and not good to being knowledgeable and capable. Just to give you an idea, a group of 6 people that know what they’re doing can complete this raid in about 1 hour.Me and my friends took about 7 hours to complete this raid.

Who: Me and my group of friends

Where: My house, playing the game Destiny on Playstation 4

When: sunday, september 4th

Donato Zevallos: Observation on learning

Learning can be absorbed in many different ways. That being said i decided to make an observation my self to see which would be more effective in how my little cousin would obey me. Now before I explain my experiment, l’m going to add addtional information so that you can understand it a bit more. My little cousin is three years old, he misbehaves almost all the time and never listens to anyone, except for my grandfather. Everyone but my grandfather seems to handle my little cousin’s bad behavior the same, they would all give him whatever he wants so that he could behave or relax. sometimes they would ¬†try to reason with him through words so that he could stop. My grandfather takes a different approach when it comes to discipling my little cousin. He would yell or hit my little ¬†cousin with his belt enough so he can cry , but not cause excruciating pain, every time he does this my little cousin would obey anything my grandfather would say to him. So to begin my experiment i had to wait for my little cousin to misbehave again, when he did i went up to him and told him that ” if you stop i’ll let you play games on my phone”. This positive reinforcement worked temporary until he got bored, after which he started to misbehave again by cursing and throwing his toys around the room. This is where i then asked him nicely to stop, but he didn’t listen to me. I then yelled at him and told him i was going to get grandpa’s belt. When I ¬†grabbed the belt and positioned myself as if i were to hit him, he immediately stopped, looking as if he was going to cry he repeatedly said “sorry” over and over again, from then on he had obeyed everything i had to say to him. This experiment taught me that positive reinforcement can work, but not as effectively as positive punishment, because it wasn’t until i showed him that i was going to hit him that he actual stopped completely and listened to what I had to say

Reference- Personal experiment

Gustavo Diaz’s observation on attention

A negative focus experience that I’ve had came this past April while watching the show Game of Thrones.¬†I was focused on the goal of watching¬†all 5 seasons before season 6 premiered. I had 50 episodes to watch (10 episode per season) in about two and a half weeks. while i accomplished my goal while rushing at times and focusing on the story line of the obvious main characters, there were things that my brain couldn’t catch on to. Until almost the end of season 5 i thought¬†two completely different characters were the same person. Gendry and podrick are two different characters in Game of Thrones¬†with obvious different names but for some strange reason it took me way too long to figure that out. Maybe i was focusing so¬†much on the bigger characters that my brain didn’t care enough to separate this two smaller side characters or maybe i should of¬†started the show with a open mind and not rushed through it.

Who: Personal experience

When: April 2016 while watching Game of thrones

Where: In my apartment watching on my phone

Donato Zevallos- Observation on attention

Some things in life can grab our attention so much that we become distracted to the point where nothing else seems to matter. My best friend, Aaron, has an addiction to nasal spray. He’s had this addiction for five years and he tells me how without the spray his nose begins to become extremely stuffy after two hours which disallows him from breathing properly from his nose and from focusing on anything but the spray. He tells me that anytime he goes out, whether it’s to school, the gym, or anywhere in general he must bring the nasal spray with him. Aaron said during high school he would try to go to the bathroom in between classes just so he could spray the nasal spray into his nose. Without doing this he wouldn’t perform his best in tests or listening to the teachers’s instructions because all he would be thinking about was when he would be able to use his nasal spray.