Articles on Psychology

The tabs under this heading offer articles on psychology grouped by topic. You can choose any article from any topic for the Midterm Evaluation assignment.

Attached here is a PDF with instructions on how to prepare your article. This is a group project, so think about how you might want to divide the work up to provide everyone with the opportunity to demonstrate their contribution to the final work. No individual projects will be accepted. Groups must present one paper. All Group members who have contributed to the paper must sign the front page of the paper and the paper should make clear that every member of the Group has contributed to its creation. Note that extra credit is available for Groups that choose to present their work to the class. Such presentations can be organized in whatever way each Group decides is best for them, but if that includes a power point presentation remember that the Group must still present their work in the form of a paper.

In essence, you will

  • Summarize the article you have chosen
  • Find a second article that relates in some way to the one you chose (remember to provide full references for this article – meaning that someone can find your article and look it over if they want to)
  • Summarize that article
  • Explain what is interesting, important or otherwise striking in the work presented in the articles
  • Provide your own responses to the articles. Were the articles convincing? Did the authors make good arguments for their ideas and interpretations? Did they provide substantive evidence for their claims? What sorts of things did they not look at or do that might have been important or worthwhile to consider? Finally, did you like the articles or not, and if so, why?

We will work out a schedule in class for doing the various sections of this project so that everyone can complete it by the due date, which is the time of the Midterm Evaluation (27 October 2016).

Groups who wish to earn extra credit will be given the opportunity to present their work to the class during the week of the Midterm Evaluation.

Following is the PDF mentioned above: