Development. Titilope Odumuwagun , Zhao Anthony, Jared Wiggins

Titilope odumuwagun

Developmentall psychology is the psychology of growth, change, and consistency from conception to death. It asks how thinking, feeling and behavior change through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.Talking about development we have to analyze some concept that affects development. Amongst this concepts is the nature and nurture. Nature play the role “heredity” while nuyure play the role of “environment” . We ¬†can conclude here that ¬†heredity and environment determines ones ability. However researchershas gone gutter to study how the nature and nurture issue works. One of the methods that was used to weight the effect of nature and nurture is the “twin studies”.

To take the “Jim twins” for example, This identical twins were separated few minutes after birth, and they were raised apart from each other. After ¬†39 years their path crossed. At their reunion some ¬†striking similarities in their habits, preference and experience were discovered. for example. Both had identical scores on test of personality, intelligence, attitude and interest. Medically both had high blood pressure, vasectomy, and migrane headaches. Both have been married twice, and their first wives are named Linda suprisinly theier second wives are named Betty. Both leave love notes around the house. Both had owned dogs named toy. Both chew they fingernails, like stock- car racing and dislike baseball. Both do wood work as a hobby.This remarkable similarities between the twins gives one a relative clue about the contibution of nature and nurture. This obvious similarities are as a result of shared heredity in form of genes, since they did not grow up in the same environment while growing up. Heredity effect show up more strongly in identical twins.

Another method that was used to approach nature and nurture interactions involve the “Adoption Studies”. If you adopt a child who do you think the child will resemble most as an adult?. The biological parent ? , The adoptive parent?. This goes in line with the twins studies. The contibution of the biological parents is ¬†the influence of nature, and that of the adoptive parent is nurture. The story of Harry Potter is a good illustration of nature and nurture interaction. He was born to parents with magical powers, but raised by parents without magical powers. His own powers didn’t flourish until he entered the magic supporting environment of Howgwarts school.

Antony Zhao

Development is essential to all humans. It is the growth needed for all young children to mature into adults. In middle school, students learn to better their vocabulary to strengthen speech and encourages positive writing habits. Jason, my 12 year old cousin learns new vocabulary words at school every week. Whenever I come visit, he puts his knowledge to the test. He would ask me if I knew what this word meant or that word. Sometimes if I was lucky, he would teach me a new vocabulary words I’ve never heard of before. To this day, schools help develop student’s speech and writing which is essential to all.

Jared wiggins

People often think newborn have empty brain and do not have any abilities, but the picture has changed. New born naturally locate their food, avoid potential harm, and interact with others. However their abilities are limited l, but enough for survival. As they grow older they learn new things and acquire new skills. Piaget is a genetic epistemology who studied genetic development, in hia work he discussed four stages of how baby grow. first stage he termed the sensor motor, at this stage babies receive stimulus and response to it such as sucking, closing yheir eyes wGen thints get closer. The second stage he termed preparational stage in which babies respond to images, sounds.They are more of symbols rather than motor play, and are more curious about what going on in their environment since they can think without an object and sound being there.The third  stage was the concrete operation. kids tend to have a more orgainized thought and involve in logical thinking. they can also determine if a situation is reversible or not for example ( 2+3 =5, 3+2 =5). And the last stage of development piaget termed as the formal operation, in this stage their thinking is more abstract and they can think of mutiple variables in a systematic way.They could also define a word in different ways. kids at this stage also deal with social concept like justice.

Observation on Learning

Antony Zhao

On weekends I usually play basketball with my friend Barry. Barry is a really competitive guy and really stubborn about his losses¬†and, recently he’s had a slump. The problem was that when he played, his left hand was useless because he did¬†everything with his right hand. I told him to start learning how to play with his left hand. Of course he was really stubborn and didn’t want to listen to a lower tier athlete like me. So I challenged him to a game were he could only use his left hand to score. He lost convincingly. Disgusted by his loss, he started coming out to the court earlier just to practice scoring and dribbling with his left hand. He soon realized he was harder to defend against and harder to predict¬†because he wouldn’t always dribble toward the right side of the court.¬†This led to me realizing that proving a point with action really did speak louder than words.



Positive reinforcement has been seen to be the best way to make other people ¬†do what you want, sometimes ¬†a negative ¬†reinforcement might work better but the question is if the person ¬†convinced that ¬†doing what you want them to do is right or the person ¬†is doing it because ¬†you are reinforcing it. Well I have observed ¬†some kids in the past but I never knew ¬†this could be ¬†connected to way people learn.some kids lived in the same compound ¬†with me which has 8 apartment and It has been ¬†a ¬†traditional thing for parents of this kids to buy their ¬†kids toys, video games, ¬†cellphones,bicycle, or whatever they requested for as long as they have good grades at the end of the section. Considering ¬†what I observed , most of ¬†the kids were able to ¬†please their parents since a reward was guaranteed. However ¬†two kids couldn’t get ¬†any gift since they didn’t meet up with the expected grades. This two kids are always ¬†left to watch other kids whiles they have fun with what they have. Am sure that must have frustrated them enough ¬†until they realize that ¬†the ¬†only thing they can do is to study harder. As expected ¬†this two kids grades went up they got gift for ¬†that at the end of ¬†another section, but ¬†the unexpected ¬†happened some of ¬†the kids ¬†that had good grades before had lesser grades which made there parents think they made a mistake ¬†by buying ¬†them video games and cellphones because they were distracted by ¬†it. Well I was curious to know ¬†what will happen ¬†if their parents ¬†took the previous ¬†reward from them ¬†how much that can also affect their ¬†grades . Even though the kids got what the want it seems to me like the kids were more intested in the reward rather than getting higher gradeswhich is their parents ¬†piority

Who: my neighbors ¬†kid’s

Where: within my compound

When : during the  summer break 2014 and winter break  2015



Attention observation assignment Titilope Odumuwagun

Attention ¬†means¬† application¬† of ¬†the¬† mind¬† to ¬†an¬† object¬† or ¬†thought.¬† Also¬† attention ¬†means ¬†noticing ¬†something ¬†or ¬†a¬† special¬† consideration ¬†for¬† something .¬† therefore¬† attention in ¬†psychology ¬†can¬† be¬† referred ¬†to as¬† a ¬†person ¬†concentrating¬† on¬† a ¬†feature ¬†in ¬†ones¬† environment ¬†in¬† exclusion ¬†of¬† other¬† things¬† .¬†But ¬†surprisingly¬† peoples ¬†mind do¬† not¬† pay¬†¬†much¬† attention¬† to¬†good ¬†things ¬†or ¬†things ¬†that ¬†go ¬†well¬† rather¬† they¬† paid¬†¬† more¬† attention to things¬† that¬† do¬† not¬† go¬† well¬† or things¬† that¬† are¬† bad.¬†So¬† we can ¬†conclude ¬†from¬† here¬† that¬† human¬† minds¬† filter¬† out¬† things¬† that they¬† are¬† ¬†less¬†¬†worried¬† about¬† .¬†Furthermore,¬† our¬† minds¬† tends¬† to¬† focus¬† more¬† on¬† what¬† we¬† are¬† worried¬† about¬† and¬† making¬† us¬† ignore¬† other¬† things¬† around¬†¬†us.¬† Well¬† we¬† can¬† further¬† explain¬† this¬† using¬† my¬† personal¬† experience. I¬† had to meet with my¬† English¬† professor ¬†few ¬†weeks¬† ago.¬† I checked¬† her¬† office¬† hours¬† and¬† realized¬† she¬† would ¬†be¬† leaving¬† the¬† office¬† in¬† two¬† minutes.¬†¬†It¬† was compulsory¬† that¬† I meet¬† with¬† her¬† that¬† day,¬† so¬† I¬† decided¬† to¬† catch¬† up¬† with¬† her¬† before¬† she¬† leaves¬† the¬† office.¬† I¬† was¬† so¬† worried¬† about¬† meeting¬† her¬† at¬† the¬† office¬† that¬† I¬†¬†didn’t¬† imagine¬† I¬†¬† could¬†¬†¬†meet ¬†her¬† on ¬†my¬† way.¬† About ¬†45 ¬†feet’s ¬†to ¬†her¬† ¬†office my¬† professor¬† passed¬†¬† by¬† me¬† and¬† I¬† didn’t¬† notice¬† her¬† instead¬† I walked¬† faster¬† towards¬† her¬† office¬†.¬†¬†On¬† getting¬† to¬† her office¬† I¬† was¬† told¬† she¬† just¬† left¬† the¬† office¬† about¬† a minute¬† ago.¬† At¬† that¬† moment¬† I¬† had¬† a¬† flashback¬†and a feeling¬† that¬† I¬† saw¬† her¬† but¬† I¬† wasn’t¬† paying¬† attention¬† to¬† other¬† things¬† around¬† me¬† while¬† I¬† walked¬† to¬† her¬† office.¬† I¬†¬†didn’t¬†¬† notice¬† her¬† even¬† though¬† she¬† was¬† very¬† obvious¬† and¬† I desperately¬† wanted¬† to¬† see¬† her,¬† yet it¬† seems¬† funny¬† to¬† me¬† that¬† my¬† eyes¬† saw¬† her¬† but¬† my¬† mind¬† ignored¬† her.¬† Well this¬† observation¬† can¬† be¬† explained¬† in¬† psychology.¬†¬†It¬† is¬† termed¬† INATTENTIONAL¬†¬†BLINDNESS.

Who:  this  is  my  personal  experience

When:  It happened  to  be  while  I was  taking  summer  classes  July/august  2016

Why:  The  homework  assigned  to  me  by  my  English  professor ( Olga Chajet)  was  due  on  the  day  of  the  incident  and  I  had  to  submit  my  homework  to  her  to  avoid  the  penalty