Homework PART TWO #10 Kiara Wright

1 In the context of discussing personality, what does the Big Five refer to?  What is one of the Big Five?  Who authored the theory?

The big five traits are really bipolar dimensions. One of the big five is Conscientiousness the person who authored the theory was Freud.

2 Freud developed the first systematic theory of how human personality was shaped.   What role did he accord to conflict in the process? Give an example of the sort of conflict he identified as being important in the process .

Dr. Freud found out that he could not hypnotize many of them deeply enough to duplicate Charcot’s results. He did not know that people vary widely in their degree of hypnotizability, the ability to follow suggestions offered by a hypnotic agent.

3  Zimbardo and his colleagues, in their textbook Psychology: Core Concepts, suggest that a single theory of personality is unlikely to be adequate to answer all the questions we might have about the subject.  What is the basis for this assertion?

4 How does Freud’s concept of ego defense explain an individual’s personality?

If unconscious desires become too insistent, the ego may solve the problem by ” putting a lid on the id” that is by sequestering both extreme desires and threatening memories deep in the unconscious mind.

5 Zimbardo, when he set up his Stanford Prison Experiment, assessed his potential subjects to a battery of psychological tests that showed that they all had normal personalities, as well as no history of mental illness or violence.  Nonetheless within a very short time both those cast as prisoners and as guards were acting in ways radically different from how they had acted before the experiment began. What does this observation suggest about the validity of theories of behavior based on biological constraints?

The validity was to show the measure of the personality and can show signs of mental illness.

Homework # 9 part 2

1 Dr Mark Lepper observed that rewarding children for their artistic productions made them less enthusiastic about producing more for him on a second occasion.  He termed this effect overjustification.   Explain
• The difference in response between the two groups of children;

the children’s response in the first group was not to interested in drawing another picture, this is the group that got rewards. The group that didn’t get rewards was more interested in drawing the picture again.

• Why the children who received a cash reward for their efforts were less inclined to participate the second time.

The reward took the fun out it.

2 Harold is zealously practicing the violin because of a strong extrinsic motivation.  What might the external motivation be?

The external motivation might be needing to get better. If he performed in front of people and they like what they hear and clap for him that might have gave him the motivation to keep practicing.

3 The drive-reduction model of motivation has sometimes been referred to as a ‘hydraulic’ model.  What does this metaphor refer to?

The two words have similar meanings. what the metaphor refers to is the behavior of the person. The way the person behaves when motivated.

4 A study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine examined the effect of providing substantial material incentives—up to around $500—to overweight people who lost a certain percentage of their body weight and kept it off for a full year. They demonstrated that the monetary reward increased the success rate of the intervention by twofold. Since the baseline rate of success for weight loss programs is about 1%, that means that the study showed that about 2% of people were successful using this form of incentive. How impressed should we be by the effect of offering money for weight loss?

You can be somewhat impressed because the percentage went up , even though it wasn’t allot it was still good. it shows that the experiment work.

Kiara Wright learning and observing

On Thursday I made an observation on one child and her parent while I was at the pool with my friends. what I notice was hat the girl was learning how to swim. after a few minutes later the parent said I coming back I’m going to do a lap. But the child want to follow her and she said I will be right back and I will do it fast. when she started to swim the child watched her like she ignored everything else and only focused on her. when she came back the child said can we try to do another lap. She said yes and when I say she really tried her best I mean while they was doing the lap the child got far. Like she was swimming and didn’t notice it. The parent stop and watch and was so happy to see that she really did it. when the child stop the parent said you did it you actually swam. the child said really I didn’t notice and didn’t know that I was moving. I was so happy to witness that. That actually made my day.

Kiara Wright Observation on attention

Kiara Wright
intro to psych 1101
There are many people who ay seem like they are paying attention to there surroundings, but little do they know that that’s not always true. Certain times they would something called filtering out there surroundings and not even notice doing it. For an example: there could these two people fighting and someone walked by with noticing and they just keep walking. There could be another person that would come up to them and ask “did you see the fight that was just going on across the street?” the person would say “no”. The thing how couldn’t that person notice the fight going on across the street? It could be that the person didn’t care about it. But that’s not the case is it now. What happened was that the person was walking and just filtered out all the distractions and just continued walking. So the person wouldn’t have noticed it. There was another example: I was watching Criminal Minds and in this episode there was a lady that went into a gun store and bought a gun . She then tried to refill it . Without noticing while doing that she dropped a bullet on the floor. What happened was that she filtered out the fact that she dropped one and continuing loading the gun. The thing about her situation is that about two years ago her and her son got into a car accident and when she got to the hospital she was saying you have to help him but the son die. So because of that incident no one pay attention to the boy that died and gave the hero’s all the attention. so she gave revenge because she think no one cares.