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Josue Alberto: Idea Draft

Donating App

Mobile Application that changes the future of giving. This Donating App will be a unique  platform that will allow charities, causes, and appeals to connect to the whole new world of mobile and digital donating. Whether it’s  a charitable cause or a charitable giver. You can now donate on the go to what cause matters most to you. This Donating App will make it simple, fast, and secure to join the future of giving.

Josue Alberto : Deliverable v1


Media to go wallpaper

Mobile App for small business willing to invest in  advertising themselves in the different boroughs in New York City areas. The propose is for the businesses to expose their companies and gain more customers or clients. My Media to go is a starting company with new ideas of advertising in a more economical and effective way. Large size moving billboards. Specific delivery trucks are use to provide this service. The mobile app will provided the clients that sign up for the service to have access to features so they can see and learn about promoting themselves. The app will provide features like GPS tracking of their own individual advertisement  trucks and information about population of people that will be expose to their Ads.

My Media to Go Ideation ScenarioSheet

Josue : Second Proposal

Nutritional Facts at Cafeteria Project

User: City Tech students, staff and anyone eating at the City Tech cafeteria will be impacted by this health changing proposal.

Context: When we go to cafeteria everyday there isn’t any nutritional information displayed anywhere about the food being served for students and staff. The cafeteria does not offer enough healthy choices and in order to keep our brain and body running well we need to fuel it with healthy foods.

Motivation: The students and staff are making misinformed decisions on nutritional choices because the cafeteria does not offer any nutritional information about the food they serve. If this information is shown more students will be aware of what kind of diet and calories their consuming everyday at City Tech.

Solution: On the school’s website we can create a menu with all the nutritional content in the food that is being served every day. A flat screen monitor can be place around the cafeteria counter, displaying the menu and showing the food with their nutritional content. (Ex. Calories, Vitamins, Cholesterol)

Outcome: By providing the nutritional facts about the food being given at the City Tech cafeteria students and staff will acknowledged more what they are eating and make healthier choices. The way it will be  designed will  teach everyone to eat healthier foods. Doing this the school could help combat obesity with these changes and improve the eating lifestyle of many students.

First Proposal: Josue Alberto

Interactive Video Projection Mapping

Category : Design

Video projection mapping software combined with a camera that detects motion and speed. Takes that data and creates 3D designs on the object or location where video is being projected. The more interaction the more creative it gets. This will be great for party events and entertainment. Fun and creative project.

The World’s First Light Art Museum

Envision The Fourth Dimension Inside This LED Hypercube