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My proposal would be creating his or her own logo.

This could be for anything; for a game, for a clothing company etc.

The students will expand their creativity to come up with something very small, yet very unique.

This will also bring out his or her own style of drawing and designing.

Ideation practice sheet: Jenny Cho

1User: Identify the user, based on the target user group.

The idea that Dell and his partner have come up with, has really captured my interests. The people that are being targeted with this situation could be everyone that uses the computer. This could be for business or personal purposes.


2 Context:Describe context or situation in which the problem exists

Many users that have emails can lose their email account for multiple reasons. This could range from forgetting personal key words or passwords he or she uses to access the account. An example could be the security questions used to get the information for the email. Another could be a secondary email associated with that account just incase when they lose the password to that specific account. It can also be hacked by another user, and the original owner of the account might not be able to get it back.


3 Motivation:Describe an incident or condition that motivates the use of the solution.

As a gamer, it is best to have many email accounts just incase anything happens to the game account. Many game companies treasure security because some gamer’s accounts could be very valuable. Losing the email to the game account can potentially be losing everything that is held in that account. Any hacker that gains access to 1 email account can essentially snatch many other accounts that are linked to the email.


4Solution:Show how they access and use the solution to address their need.

I feel like one of the best solutions to this situation is to have ONE email account. Every person will have one email and the only way to get access of it, is through face recognition.

It’s much more convenient for the user. (address, parent/guardian’s name, etc.) The email should be split into multiple categories; one for games, one for accounts and one merely for business. (Applications/resumes and so on) That way he or she won’t have to constantly switch back and forth to numerous accounts.

There will be a website for this email and also an app, on the go.


5 Outcome:Describe the outcome of the situation – the payoff, the problem solved, and the happy user.

This way the user will not have to create multiple emails because they lost the information to it. He or she will have 1 email for all purposes and will cause less confusion. It’ll be a lot more convenient and easier for the user, it would also be a lot more organized. He or she will not have to lose the account to anything, or for whatever reason.