Group B: Description & Precedents

Group Members:
Dimple Mirpuri
Nafis Sabir
Tricia Browne

Project Title:
The Halls of Pain

Project Description:
The Halls of Pain is an Interactive Zombie Dungeon Crawler, that immerses users in a total augmented reality environment, using the space provided.  The game offers a single and multiplayer experience.  Users will be able to interact with the environment in several ways; exploring the dungeon, opening doors, shooting and attacking zombies, dodging attacks, collecting items, and issuing voice commands.  The experience is geared towards the survival horror gamer.  The Halls of Pain is the only way to experience a real-life “Zombie Apocalypse”!


RoomAlive is a proof-of-concept prototype that transforms any room into an immersive, augmented entertainment experience, which enables new interactive projection mapping experiences that dynamically adapts content to any room. The basic building blocks of RoomAlive are projector-depth camera units, which can be combined through a scalable, distributed framework. The projector-depth camera units are individually auto-calibrating, self-localizing, and create a unified model of the room with no user intervention. It investigates the design space of gaming experiences and explore methods for dynamically mapping content based on room layout and user position.

Google Glass is a type of wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display.   Google developed the technology with the idea of having computers everywhere.  They display information similar to a smartphone, in a hands-free fashion.  The device offers features like voice command operation and support for augmented reality programming.

The House of the Dead is a first-person, light gun arcade game released in 1996 and internationally in 1997 by Sega.  Players assume the role of agents Thomas Rogan and “G” as they fight the zombies created by the mad scientist, Dr. Curien.  Throughout the course of the game, players are faced with several situations, where their actions have an effect on the direction of gameplay.


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