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“Introducing Wilfrido Villalba”

Hello everyone, my name is Wilfrido and my major is in mechanical engineering. I’m a “hands on learner” and mechanical engineering has subfields that are quite appealing to me like machining and designing. This will be the last mathematics class that I would be taking(kind of ). After this class I will only have to take my bachelor’s classes (most of them still involved quite a lot of math). For my major’s concentration classes I mainly will be focusing into manufacturing systems. After I graduate I hope to obtain a well paying job, and sub sequentially I would like to further my education. Since everything started I been learning how to draw, its quite challenging but with practice, time, and interest it is quite rewarding. My favorite animal are Caracals, very funny, very dangerous, looking species of cat.

Introducing Sheyla Criollo

Hi, my name is Sheyla. I am a sophomore and currently majoring in Liberal Arts only because I am trying to transfer schools. However i did come into City Tech as a Computer Engineering major. I love math, it’s one of my favorite subjects, but I don’t think I’ll have to take anymore courses since I am also taking Linear Algebra. Besides school stuff, I love dogs and being outdoor. I actually work at a Petco and I love my job just for the simple fact that I get to interact with various animals.

Introducing Carlos Piedrahita!

hey everybody, my name is Carlos. I am a transfer student and graduated from a

2 year college as a computer science major. I had work in the field long time ago

but i inclined to do Real Estate, i have over 10 years of experience in selling and

buying properties and became a Real Estate Broker. my passion for technology

made me start school again and so i decided to go into computer Engineer

technology major and hoping to graduate by fall of 2021, am still working as a Real

Estate Broker so if any one needs advice in purchasing feel free to reach me.

I have the necessary tools to help you, thanks !!

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