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Introducing Richard Li

I am 20 years old. I am majoring in mechanical engineering. This is my 3rd year at City Tech. The only thing I am good at is gaming. I play League and Valorant. When I graduate I think I hope to come out with ideas that will help with everyday life.

Introducing Deryck Nimblett

Hello. I am a Computer Engineering Technology major and this course is my last required math class. I wanted to take Discrete Structures and Algorithms in the past, but it wouldn’t count towards my major. I currently work full time as a Data Destruction Specialist for an IT assets recycling company. It is a positive environment, but a bit of a mismatch for someone who felt more at home working in comic book and book stores. Purpose wise at least.

Introducing James Chavis

Hi everyone, my name is James Chavis & I’m pursuing a degree in applied mathematics. I am looking to focus more on the financial science side of applied math as I have several business endeavors I am going to pursue. I studied civil engineering at a prior institution before I got to City Tech. I switched to Applied Math because it was a better path to graduation for me and I love numbers. I currently work in real estate as a property manager. The pandemic has been great from an introspective standpoint as I’ve been able to take more time to learn myself & who I want to be in the next 5 years. Also the pandemic has been good for shifting the focus to race relations as times of discomfort often precede change which this country desperately needs. I’m interested in sports, music, fashion & my newfound quarantine interest, woodturning. (I recommend watching a wood turning video on Youtube I find them highly interesting as well as therapeutic in a way)

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