Professor Kate Poirier | OL67 | Fall 2020

WeBWorK is back!

WeBWorK is back up. The two sets that were due last Sunday are now due this coming Sunday. This means that you have four sets due this Sunday:

  • 1-FirstOrderLinear
  • 2-SeparableEquations
  • 3-TransformNonlinearToSeparable
  • 4-ExactEquations


  1. Richard Li

    On my end it says its still down. Could be just me

    • Kate Poirier

      Oof, looks like it is indeed back down again. I suspect what this means is that they’re still working on it. Hopefully they’ll be able to get it back up and keep it up later today!

      • Kate Poirier

        I just heard from the administrator…the problem is fixed, but they took the site down again so they could add some improvements. It should be back up and running later today!

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