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CMCE 1115 & 1215 Tutoring M/W/Thurs


I hope everyone is having a great semester thus far. As many of us are adjusting to our coursework and schedules, I wanted to extend my welcome to you all and give you the opportunity to get guidance and assistance with your work!

My name is Yoselin and I’m currently an upper junior following a CMCE Civil Engineering BTECH path. I love mathematics and can help you polish math skills that are essential for your courses! I struggled too, A LOT. But the struggle is how we learn! How do we learn, you ask? We practice! We connect, and we grow in confidence, all with many mistakes along the way.

Lost with CMCE 1115/CMCE 1215 coursework? Struggling to enhance your studying habits?  Difficulty understanding the material? Or need to polish up your skills? I am available to help out! We all learn at different paces and different ways. Let’s figure out what works best for you!

I am available:

Monday/Wednesday: ROOM V217 COMPUTER LAB 2:30PM-4PM

Thursdays: ROOM V401A 12PM-2PM 

I provide real-world examples, proofs, and in-depth explanations for many problems you may be struggling to understand or visualize. Engineering requires a lot of critical thinking and imagination, let’s unlock that!


Thank you all for taking this opportunity. It is FREE and additional tutors are available EVERY WEEKDAY! Reach out to CMCE department with any questions or concerns! We want to see everyone succeed!