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Entry Level Position in Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Firm

Wohl & O’Mara has surveyed land for over 100,000 dwelling units on Staten Island and larger tracts throughout the City of New York. The firm has also designed, surveyed and supervised the construction of many miles of roads, storm and sanitary sewers in the City of New York. This Summer they are looking to hire students.

The applicant will be exposed to all aspects of Land Surveying to include but not limited to:

–          Research for boundary determination ( maps, deeds, grants, etc…)

–          Field Data collection

–          CAD and computing

–          Subdivisions

–          ALTA, topographical, title, construction surveys, etc…

–          Metes and bounds descriptions

–          Exposure to Civil Engineering work specializing in drainage

–          Excellent opportunity to advance in the firm


If you’re interested, please email William Trang more information on how to apply.



Interested to work as a Peer Adviser? Apply now

Hello readers!

Perkins Peer Advisement (PPA) program is recruiting Peer-Advisers for the following five majors: ArchTech, CMCE,CET,ETET and MET! See the application attached in this post to know the requirements.

To apply, download and complete the form and email it to Professor Villatoro at mvillatoro@citytech.cuny.edu or drop it off at the reception of 4th floor in Voorhees building.

You can also download the Word version of the form by clicking here or find it under Files tab on the PPA homepage.