By Friday, April 1, students will…

  • Write Post with the first entry for the Annotated Bibliography Project. Title it Full Name, Annotated Bibliography Sources and save it under the category Unit 2 Work.
  • Remember, each citation has four parts. Look here for detailed directions:


  • Continue researching. You need to have at least two additional sources by Tuesday, April 5!
    • The librarian showed us a lot of places to search for sources, but this one is the most concise and helpful place to start if you’re still having trouble!
  • Remember that you must write an Introduction and a Conclusion as well. Details about what must be included can be found here:


During and after class on Tuesday, April 5, we will…

  • Take a look at a partially completed Annotated Bibliography and compare/contrast the formatting and details of the sources to your source that should be posted on OpenLab. What’s the same? What’s different?


  • Once we’ve reviewed these sources and compared them with your own, we’ll spend time individually working on research, creating source citations, or the Introduction and Conclusion.

During and after class on Thursday, April 7, we will…

  • This will be a writing/self-review day, so bring your laptops/tablets if you have them. If you don’t, bring paper and pens so you can write!
    • First, you’ll need to download the “ENG1121 Self-Review of U2 Annotated Bibliography” here or in the Course Profile.


  • Follow the directions. (See the directions on the worksheet itself!)
    • If you finish this worksheet before class is over, spend time researching, writing source citations, the Introduction or Conclusion.
  • Having problems finding sources? Ask a librarian on the library website!
  • If you want extra help with your writing, go to the Writing Center website and book an appointment.

Future deadlines…

  • Put all items (Introduction, Sources, and Conclusion) in one document (see the “ENG1121 Annotated Bibliography Template”–this can be found in at the top of this page, on the U2 Writing Assignment page and the Course Profile) and ready to turn in by 11:59 PM on Tuesday.
    • Details about how to post it will be provided by Friday (similar to how you posted U1).