First Draft Due: May 12

Final Draft Due: May 19


We have arrived at the end of the semester! Now it is time for you to reflect on what you have done over the course of the last few months. You will write a final reflection (approximately 600-650 words) that takes into consideration the three questions below. This is a graded assignment. 

Questions for your reflection:

  1. What have you learned about yourself as a reader and writer this semester?
  2. How have you changed or developed as a reader and writer this semester?
  3. Discuss what you learned in this class and how you might transfer this knowledge to other writing tasks, assignments, or situations either in college or in your community.

Optional Question: If you wish, include how this course has built on or added to what you learned in English 1101.

Review your work:

To help generate material for your reflection, look back through all your writing exercises, homework assignments, essays, and projects from the semester. As you browse through your materials, consider the following questions (and take some notes) to brainstorm ideas for your reflection:

  • How would you compare/contrast work done early on in the semester to now? How have you developed as a writer?
  • What changed in your writing (and reading and thinking) as the genres changed?
  • What were your early assumptions/beliefs about yourself and writing? Have they since changed? 
  • What was your experience when revising assignments?
  • What was particularly challenging for you in our course this semester and how did you overcome it (or attempt to)?
  • What did you expect to learn in this class? What did you actually learn? How do you feel about the class and what you have learned now that the semester is over?
  • What advice would you give to students taking this course next semester?

Here are the grading criteria for this project:

Your reflection…

  • is thoughtfully written and has a point– it’s not simply a list answering the questions above.
  • uses language, grammar, and sentence structure that makes your meaning clear.
  • includes details and examples that illustrate your experiences in the course.
  • has been proofread.
  • is approximately 600-650 words.
  • is submitted on time.
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